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New Product Launch
‘Emergency Food Supply’

Available now, are the best of Vancouver Island Grain and Milling grains packed in heavy duty food grade 6 gallon pails!
The intended use of this new product line is for emergency food storage. The grain storage is optimized by replacing oxygen with food grade CO2 and sealing the grain in Mylar metal bags. The shelf life is predicted to be a minimum of 25 years under normal storage conditions.

Carbon Dioxide gas is heavier than oxygen. If care is used when removing a portion of the grain from the ‘Emergency Food Supply’ pail, the remainder will maintain a reduced oxygen level when the Mylar bag is re-closed.

The ‘Emergency Food Supply’ pails contain whole, unprocessed, organic kernels that are suitable for human consumption. Each pail will have a description of the contents and instructions that explain how to soak, sprout, and grow the grains.

The grains available presently are Red Fife Wheat, dehulled and stabilized Oats , Spelt, Hull-less Purple Barley, Red Lentils and Green Lentils. Other grains may be packed upon request.

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